Joe Stead – The Ramblings of an old Codger – Volume 173 - February 2015


Every grain of sand is a small balance weight on the other side

Pete Seeger - Frequently


We who labour in the arts

We who are singers

We who are actors

We who are artists

We must remember

That we come from the people

Our strength comes from the people

And we must serve the people and be part of them

Paul Robeson - Sunday May 18th 1952, Peace Arch Park


Two very important statements from two highly intellectual Americans who, in their time, refused to budge from their principles, despite much hardship forced upon them by the governments of their time.  I met them both.  In the summer of 1958 when I was 17 years old I was too young to fully comprehend the majesty of the moment.  But left speaking alone with Robeson for however long it might have been did leave a lasting impression on me; and it is a moment in my life I will treasure to the day I die.  We talked about the civil rights movement and the time he had spent, especially in the deep south when accompanied by Pete Seeger, when campaigning for Wallace who was standing on a third party ticket.  Robeson spoke to me as an equal. My age and innocence did not matter.  He did not treat me as an inferior being.


As you will well know I'm planning to stand in the election on May 7th to be a member of parliament.  "World Peace Through Song".  I don't for one micro-second expect to get there and I don't expect for one nanosecond to get my deposit of £500 back.  But I'm 74 this year and I won't get another chance.  I'm already undergoing ridicule and astonishment from some quarters.  But at least when I'm nearing death I can say to my children and grandchildren that I was  a grain of sand on the balance weight.  I was aware that my generation was leaving behind me a planet, not to mention a country, that was facing huge dangers from every direction.  However small it might have been I did do something.  Some people I know really quite well will be unable to say that, unless of course they change tack; and they have plenty of time to do that.  I cannot imagine being near to death and saying to my grandchildren "Well yes I could have done something.  Indeed I was in a position to do something; but you know in real honesty I couldn't be bothered.  I know that part of the mess this planet is in is down to me but I just didn't have the strength or the ingenuity to do anything about it.  Sorry about that, do your best with the mess I've left you; goodnight."


I realised the importance of the song Seeger wrote (Quite early morning) the moment I heard it way back in the late 1960's; but I wasn't sure that changing the song, re-titled  'Darkest before the dawn', to represent a sailing ship attempting to cross the travails of modern life was a particularly good idea despite the support of Seeger himself.  But I couldn't have been more wrong, the response to my last Ramblings has been overwhelming.  So I would like to thank the following people Sara Grey - Maine USA: Geoff Kaufmann - Connecticut USA: Jan Chistensen - New York USA: Bob Zentz - Norfolk Virginnia USA: Rudy Sunde - New Zealand: Margaret Walters - Australia: Dick Miles - Ireland: Rob  McGhee - Guernsey: Bert Hobo - Holland: Peter and Mary Brooker - Swinging the Lead: Val and Pete - The Vagrants Crew: Steve Lavington - Baldrick's Plan: Melanie Harold: Bernie Davis: Ron Gardner: Alan Whitbread: Alan Collier: Brian J Farrow; Roger Resch: and finally Nigel Mazlyn Jones; 21 of you - all of whom showed support and in many instances threatened to both learn and perform the song.  You are all small grains of sand on the right side of the balance weight.  Thank you; thank you; thank you.  The letters from the aforementioned 21 people follow together with a couple of other letters on different subjects including one from the son of an Almanac.


On top of all this it transpired, during January, that the exclusive magazine 'Voices' an American publication of The Journal of New York Folklore has picked up on my song about Pete Seeger (Just another folksinger) and has given it a full page mention in the Spring-Summer 2014 Volume 40: 1-2 issue.  A quite beautifully packaged magazine it is available from 129 Jay Street, Schenectady, New York 12305.  Web address www.   (You might have to copy and paste to make it work).  I would urge any readers in America to get this magazine anyway.  So when big things like this happen it gives the recipient a shot in the arm and a feeling of purposefulness.  So thank you 'Voices' and thank you the 21 people who responded to my last Ramblings.  Perhaps my songs aren't that bad after all.


Oh.  And by the way. The concert Kimber's Men did in January to raise funds for The Square Chapel Theatre in Halifax was a sell out and we raised £2,000 for the cause.



Fixture List for Kimber's Men and Joe Stead




Jan 30th (KM) The Fleece, Boxford, Suffolk

Jan 31st (KM) White Lion, Heptonstall, West Yorkshire

Feb 7th (KM) Coronation Hall, County Square, Ulverston, Cumbria LA12 7LZ

Feb 20th (KM) St Barnabas School, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2EY

Feb 21st (KM) Camden Road Education Arts & Theatre Enterprise Workshop.

Feb 21st (KM) Catsfield Village Hall, East Sussex TN33 9DP

Feb 27th (KM) The Pound, Corsham, Wiltshire.

Feb 28th (KM) Village Hall, North Bradley, Wiltshire.

Mar 13th (KM) The David Hall, South Petherton.

Mar 14th (KM) Spring Arts Centre, East Street, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1BS

Mar 21st (KM) Heron Theatre, Stanley Street, Beetham, Cumbria LA7 7AS

Apr 25th (KM) Recording Studio

Apr 26th (KM) Recording Studio

May 11th (KM) Beverley Folk Club, Rose and Crown, Beverley, East Yorkshire

May 15th (KM) Shepley Festival

May 16th (KM) Clennell Hall Folk Festival, Northumberland.

May 17th (KM) Clennell Hall Folk Festival, Northumberland.

May 23rd (KM) Met Studio, Gatehouse Theatre, Eastgate Street, Stafford.

May 28th (KM) Ostend Festival

May 29th (KM) Ostend Festival

May 30th (KM) Ostend Festival

May 31st (KM) Ostend Festival

Jun 12th (KM) Mylor - Venue to be confirmed

Jun 13th (KM) Falmouth Festival of the Sea

Jun 14th (KM) Falmouth Festival of the Sea.

Jul 22nd (Joe) Leeds - Lecture on Paul Robeson.

Jul 24th (KM) Penarth Pier Pavilion, South Wales

Jul 25th (KM) Shammick Acoustic’ Pack o’ Cards, Combe Martin. EX34 0ET

Jul 26th (KM) Village Pump Festival, Westbury, Wiltshire - Provisional

Aug 1st (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 2nd (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 3rd (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 4th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 5th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 6th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 7th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 8th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 9th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 10th(KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 11th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 12th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 13th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 14th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 15th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Aug 16th (KM) France - Festivals. Clubs. Other venues. - Provisional

Sep 1st (Joe) Rochdale Masonic Buildings. Richard Street, Rochdale 2pm - Robeson.

Oct 10th (KM) Possible gig at Cecil Sharp House.

Nov 20th (KM) Market Theatre, Market St, Ledbury, Herefordshire HR8 2AQ

Nov 21st (KM) Rhosygilwen, Rhoshill, Cilgerran, Pembrokeshire. SA43 2TW

Nov 28th (KM) Hepworth Live, Hepworth Village Hall, Towngate, HD9 1TE.

Dec 6th (KM) The Bothy Folk Club, Park Golf Club, Park Rd West, Southport







Thank you so very much for your kind note which I received today. Very happy that you are enjoying your copies of our Journal; publication of your song was a very thoughtful addition to our tributes to Pete Seeger's memory and great influence.  Thank you again for taking the time to write.

Laurie Longfield - Administrative Manager, Voices




Hey Joe,

What a great idea, why not you, I think you would make a great 'man in white suit' independent candidate, count on me for £50.00 if you decide to stand, good luck.

Olive Jennings x



Dear Joe,

Dave and I are doing well in Maine thanks…good state and good people.

I read the revised words to Pete’s song, and it made me cry…it’s lovely and if Kieron and I can make it work, we will surely sing it with all our heart!

Thanks for sending it…a great song is a true gift to send to someone and I appreciate it.

Love and best wishes for the New Year.

Sara Grey - Maine USA.




Hi Joe

Many hanks for The Ramblings

I have always loved 'Darkest before the dawn' and I know Mary is big also a fan. I never understood why your other band members don’t like the song as it’s one of my favourites and definitely one that inspired me to get involved with maritime/folk music. Bit quirky in places but that’s what makes it unique. I will try and keep the song alive down here in the south and perhaps STL might record it sometime.

Things are going well with STL with lots of gig’s etc. We have also developed a really nice sing around/playground session to help one of our local pubs. It’s a bit like an Irish session with everyone sat round a big table near the fire but it’s definitely an English session and we can get up to eighteen musicians including banjo, guitar, English pipes, mandolin, whistle etc plus we sing shanties. Anything goes but we usually have a few Pete Seeger songs plus Tom Paxton together with more recent folk songs. The sessions attract a decent audience and this is really helping the pub.

We both hope to see you sometime in the New Year.

Take care and look after yourself - make the most of the next twenty years!


Pete and Mary Brooker



Hi Joe,

It’s good to hear from you, and I do, in fact, like your remake of Pete’s song. I’ve been singing “Quite Early Morning” for years, and have done at several Pete tributes this past year.

I’m actually wondering if there would be an audience for a Pete Tribute concert done by yourself and me. It so happens that I’m working on plans to be over in Devon in early April to do a performance of a piece I’ve created out of an 1812 privateer’s diary. Tom and Barbara Brown have lined up a venue for that on April 8 and I’m looking for other performance possibilities. This note of yours makes me wonder if we shouldn’t do something together.

I look forward to your thoughts.

All the best,

Geoff Kaufmann USA



Hi Joe,

Happy New Year to you. Thank you so much for your kind email, we absolutely love the song and your revised version of it and we will definitely be having a go at it as soon as we can, and then hopefully have it ready for Ellesmere Port at Easter, of course we will credit Pete and yourself for it wherever we perform it. Really can't thank you enough and for thinking of us.

Kindest Regards

Val and Pete

The Vagrants Crew.



I hope that you had a boozy, culinary Yule.

I love your “marinisation “ of Pete’s song and how it retains the original ethos. I think, that when I speak to the crew (down to four now most of the time) they will want to do it.  The tune doesn’t do much for me though.  Might we use your words to a different tune ? Full credits to Pete and yourself of course.

I am not involved with any festivals here in Guernsey anymore and in fact there is nothing happening for “ Folk” other than the Sark Folk Fest’ which has become more like a “Rock” festival. I hope to catch up with you one day. We had a little tour in England this year and another in Brittany.

Best wishes to you and yours and to Kimber’s Men for 2015.

Rob  McGhee - Guernsey



Hi Joe
thank you so much for thinking of me and taking the time to send this song. Right on the button I would say and extraordinary to see him singing and playing knowing he was so near to death and yet still full of hope and wish to inspire others. I couldn't help thinking as I watched him play the banjo of all the places, forums, marches, of all the events he would have been playing that instrument through, what he witnessed and how he fought for our generation of the generations to come.
Great song and I like your sailing adaptation. Great timing as well as I had my first choir meeting of 2015 and we were sitting around the table singing through songs to settle on some new repertoire and then I open my computer and there is this one.
I know what you mean about time running out for us. I stopped drinking in 2014 and of course have been reviewing blocks of my life looking at creative situations I let slip through my fingers by not being focussed enough. When we can look back at blocks of 20 and 30 and 40 years knowing I have probably less than 20 left it starts to get a bit scary and I have a renewed determination to 'not to go quietly into the night'!
So thanks again, I will be working up this song...I will send you a recording when I have it under my belt.
I hope 2015 is good to you...I am enjoying your news fact I shall settle down now to read your new one.
Warm Regards
Melanie Harold



Hi Joe,

I hope that you are well and that you have had a lovely Christmas. I love reading your 'Ramblings' but it always saddens me to read the list of performances and see that the one that you used to do with the schools no longer happens because my classes loved doing that!
Mel Jack

Salterhebble J and I School



Hi Joe,

I will give it also a trial with they other Paddy’s but than with a squeezebox or accordion. Let you know.

Greetings to all the Kimber’s Men, and a good lucky and healthy new year.

Kind Regards,

Bert Hobo. Holland.

PS I hope that we can reach the intelligence off Pete Seeger




A Happy and Healthy New Year to you and yours, Joe! 

We just got back last night from some much-needed R&R with our extended family up in Maine.

Pete has been on my mind a lot over the year. He was one of a kind -- there isn't, nor could there be, a "Pete-Seeger-in-Waiting," and Pete, humble man that he was, knew that. It's why he spent so much time encouraging each of us, wherever we were, to carry on the ideas, to continue the hope. No one person could carry the moral, spiritual, and creative load that man did with such seeming ease; but if each of us carries our share of it in our own way, with our own voice, it will go on.


Jan Chistensen USA.



Hi Joe,

Thanks for this. It's a nice song which I might well get round to doing sometime.  If I do, I'll make sure I give you (and Pete) full credit.

Best wishes,

Bernie Davis (Liverpool)




Hi Joe,
Thanks for thinking of me as a 'Possible' for the song, I'll certainly have a listen and consider whether or not I think I could do it justice.
I'll let you know how I get on.
I hope things are improving for you, healthwise and that you have a happy and prosperous 2015.
Ron Gardner.



Hi Joe

I've known Quite Early Morning (or DBTD) for years. - though I reckon I'm far less optimistic about the world's future than YOU even....

Nevertheless your changes do make the song a possibility for The Roaring Forties.

We're in a a bit of a lull at the moment. John Warner moved out of Sydney a few years ago but still joins us when he can.  Robin moved to Canberra a month ago; so that leaves me and Tom and relative new comers - Don and Chris.  Those three are more receptive to learning new material than the other two, so we'll see.

Don knows heaps of Australian bush songs and we have a duo that does those along with nautical songs. Southern Cross Trawlers.

He and I have some gigs lined up for early this year - more than I can say for the Forties - but 2013 and 2014 were the Forties' busiest years ever.

I'm trying hard to wake up here - got to go to the Blue Mtns on an early train and shouldn't be chatting!

All the best to you and Nora


Margaret WaltersAustralia.


Joe! A happy Season & New Year be upon You & Yours! At this age, it seems, all we can do is try to endure the darkenss,.. then relish the dawn, when it finally arrives... and, make the day last,... filled with all the things we love, long as we can!

Love that song & Your Version.

Fair Winds,... and, Following Songs, my friend!

Bob Zentz



Hey Joe

Thanks very much for sending me the song. When I get a bit of time I'll certainly have a careful look at it to see whether I might do it justice.

Meanwhile, a very happy New Year to you and the rest of the Kimber's Men.

Keep singing.

All the best.

Alan Whitbread



Have loved your newsletter for years. Here's my little contribution to "The Funnies".


Dolan Ellis

Arizona's Official Balladeer (48 yrs)

"I have changed the name of the toilet in my home from "John" to "Jim" That way, I can tell people that the first thing I do in the morning is... to "go to the gym".




Hi Joe

Thanks for the Pete Seeger song – what the group will do with it I am not sure as I am no longer with Monkey’s Fist.

I am looking for a new venture, and may well take it up in the future.

Best regards.

Alan Collier



Joe ,

The song is interesting and clearly very personal for Pete.  It is not nonsense, the song has a strong spiritual message, that should apply to all performers.  I am not sure I can use it right now, but I will keep it in case I need it in future. As far as I am concerned Pete was and is an inspiration a wonderful performer who had the ability to communicate with audiences that few others have achieved and those that have, have not had anything half as important to say, an exception perhaps being John Lennon and Imagine.

Dick Miles - Ireland.



Hi Joe,

I almost missed your email as my server did not recognise my shantymen email address! I will need to correct that, but your ‘carpet bombing’ email technique got us all in the end.

Thanks for your message and I confess like you we struggle to find new songs for the Shantymen but to be fair to our guys they tend to accept a majority judgement to a fair degree. Like you we search far afield and try to come up with new songs and new variations and not just churn out the same old thing. Bottom line we do it to entertain the public and we strive to enjoy both the song and the entertainment factor. That’s a win win.

Re the song, to be brutally frank the tune does not over stimulate but I do like your story line very much. Maybe it will come alive with a group, music and some harmony behind it. At the moment we are working on two new songs and we will try this one when we have mastered our new material and let you know how it works out.

Thanks for contacting us and we appreciate the thoughts. We already sing a couple of songs we first heard sung by Kimbers men and we like your group sound.

Nice to hear from you Joe, take care.

Brian J Farrow




Many thanks for your email, and please forgive my delay in replying. I had a nasty bug over the holiday, and am only now beginning to catch up.

I agree with your comments about finding something different to sing, since we have all been at festivals waiting to go on, and crossing off items from our set list one by one, as others sing them. There is a lot to be said for the old favourites, but one has to face the fact that they are popular with others as well.

I have just listened a couple of times to Don't You Know it's Darkest Before the Dawn and I feel that it has possibilities. I will try it out on my colleagues at Hard Pressed and see what their reaction is. As you say, for it to work, it has to appeal to all involved, but certainly we do try to do some songs which are different.

I hope you are keeping well, and wish you a very Happy New Year, and thank you for thinking of me with this song.


Roger  Resch




Hi Joe.

Thanks for your email. Not sure how you found me - perhaps through our Baldrick’s Plan website. As you, I’m always looking for new material. I like to sing songs of the sea and will add your version to my solo repertoire. As for Baldrick’s Plan, I’m not sure, as we are struggling to work through an existing list of material we’ve already decide to learn - it doesn’t get quicker as you get older does it? Perhaps in time we can get to it.

You too have a healthy and happy 2015.

Cheers. Steve Lavington. (Baldrick's Plan)



Thanks, Joe,

Finally had a chance to check this out. Thanks for thinking of me. Don’t know that it’s a fit for me, but I’ll keep my eyes open for the right person. It’s very Pete, isn’t it?!

All the best,

Bob Walser - USA.



Hello Joe,
my thoughts are here I never shifted from this stance since I worked for Gerald Durrell and learned ... yes learned the facts about species extinction and decline from the scientific and factual Red Books. Time is running out as humans sleep walk towards extinction. Not an opinion just a fact. Modern 'debate' about human impact on the planet looks like the internal dialogue of intellectually constipated idiots discussing cliff erosion while the cliff is collapsing under them. 'Planet for Sale' mate!.

Quotes are all over the
Red Books...

The IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria have several specific aims:



Hello Joe,

Good to hear from you and to learn that you are like me – a great fan of Pete Seeger. I first heard him and the Weavers way back – must have been in the 50s. Inspired me to take up the banjo (I used to play guitar) and learn some of his songs and left wing songs too. I belonged to a left wing arts group and I was part of the song group – Fernfire Singers. We sang to Labour party, communist party, and various other associations. A great learning curve. Then I was elected President of the Titirangi Folk Club – a position that I held for 21 years. Then came the Maritime Crew. I retired from the Crew a few years ago due to old age. I am now 87 years old and my singing days are done – sadly. But like you, I was always on the lookout for new and unusual songs. My parents were Croatian migrants so I had some Croatian/Dalmatian songs that I traduced the Crew to.

Yes, Pete was a wonderful man and I am sad that he never received all the accolades due to him. He came to New Zealand maybe 30 or so years ago. I met him but did not have an opportunity to play in concert with him as you apparently did. But we have great memories of a great man. He lived a full and interesting life working for the common people. Steadfast to the end.

Keep up the good work with Kimber’s. I know how you must feel when the rest of the group does not agree with you in choice of songs. I had the same problem with the Maritime Crew. I was often frustrated by the lads.

All the best for 2015,

Rudy Sunde NZ.



Hi Joe,

Many thanks for your cheque which arrived this morning - and thanks also for putting me back on the list to receive your "Ramblings of an Old Codger".

Actually, the term "Old Codger" as applied to you is reminiscent of one of your posters many years ago which proclaimed, if I remember correctly, "Joe Stead is an Old Fart"

My son, who is now in his mid forties can still remember proudly displaying this poster on his bedroom wall when he was a little boy. Needless to say, it promoted much hilarity among his friends of similar age!

So now - from one old fart to another - Happy New Year!


Highly Strung



Dear Mr. Stead:
I happened across your "ramblings" post from October 2004 and read it with considerable interest. I realize that it's now quite an old piece, but I decided I should write to you with a very small correction.
You stated that Butch Hawes wrote "U.A.W.-C.I.O" while traveling with the Almanac Singers in 1942. That's correct, as far as I know; at least that was always the story we heard. However, he wasn't Bess Hawes' brother, he was her husband.
 Baldwin "Butch" Hawes
 Born: September 21, 1919, Boston MA, USA (I think)
 Died: December 22, 1971, Santa Monica CA, USA

Married: Bess Brown Lomax Jr. 30 January 1943 New York NY USA


A confusion about the "brother" business may stem from the fact that Butch's brother, John "Peter" Hawes, was one of the original founders of the Almanacs. Peter was rooming with Lee Hays and Mill Lampell when they began to sing together and actually introduced Pete Seeger (an old friend from Harvard) into the group. Bess was introduced to the group when they, or at least a subset, traveled to Washington DC for a concert and Pete took them along when he visited his family, Charles Seeger and stepmother Ruth Crawford Seeger, whom Bess knew from their editing of "Our Singing Country." She went along with them when they went to visit Peter Hawes' parents, and that's where she first met Butch who was staying with his parents as he recovered from a serious paralytic illness he had contracted in Mexico.
The reason I know all these details is that I am their son, and I come from a family of storytellers.

Anyway, I did appreciate your post and look forward to reading more. There's no need, I suppose, to correct such an old one, but I thought you might like to know the real relationship.
Thank you for the interesting post.

Nicholas Hawes - USA.




If you decide to revisit the Ched Evans situation then, if you want to, you can put this in the Rumblings (if you deem it okay). However, if you don't, it's probably best not to stir people's emotions up.

I've been thinking about the case a fair amount of the day - I blame you, of course.

Clayton McDonald is not a rapist because the law of the UK has found him not guilty of the charge. So, he continued to play football after the trial had taken place.

Ched Evans is a rapist - again, it's because the law of the UK says he is and a jury found him guilty of the charge. It doesn't matter whether Ched Evans committed the crime or not - because the law says he committed the crime, the law has decided that he can be labelled as a rapist without Ched Evans being able to sue anyone for labelling him as such.

Recently, we are being told that, because Ched Evans is considered to be a rapist under the law - and because he shows no remorse - he is not a good role model for our children and, therefore, he shouldn't be allowed to return to a job where he has a very Public profile and where kids, no doubt, will look up to him and emulate him as their hero.

However, Clayton McDonald is considered to be a good role model. He is/was allowed to continue his very Public job as a footballer. This is the person who performed various sexual acts on someone who he met for the very first time one night. He stated under oath (as far as I can ascertain) that the woman consented to Ched Evans having sex with her.

The jury did not agree that the woman had given any consent to have sexual intercourse with Ched Evans so Clayton McDonald, therefore, lied at worst or dreamed it up at best. It must further follow that, when he left the room, he left Ched Evans alone so he could rape the woman, although sexual contact (at the least) and sexual relations (at the worst) had already taken place prior to the contact - so he already knew that rape was taking place or would have been suspicious that it was about to.

What seems absurd to me, Joe, is that the actions of Clayton McDonald are in keeping with what Society deems to be acceptable behaviour for our role models and people who are in the Public eye.

What should be done with Ched Evans is, perhaps, difficult to assess (because he shows 'no remorse' he is said not to be allowed to return to his former occupation - but, if he thinks himself innocent, how could he do that? If he shows remorse then he couldn't be allowed to return to football anyway because he's still a rapist).

But some consistency of dealing with both people who were involved in the offence that took place would be, in my opinion, demanded for fairness.

Lee Smith







Neil Kimber, our intrepid sailor, refuses to admit he's recently been sailing in San Marcos Bay in Tenerife.   But we know differently.






Nice one Neil

Mind you it does look like a pretty rough old sea.




Two cowboys on horseback are mending fence out on the range. One is obviously a rough, tough, he-man cowboy through and through. But the other cowboy is obviously not the he-man type. In fact, it’s apparent he’s of a different persuasion entirely. The first cowboy appears not to notice. After they’d been out about three weeks, sleeping on the ground, eating hardtack and beans, and with no female companionship, they happen upon a calf that had gotten its head tangled low in the fence wire. All it can do is stand there and bawl with its head tangled and its rump sticking up in the air. The first cowboy looks at the calf for a long time. Finally he pushes his hat back and says, “Well pardner, we’ve been out here three weeks with no women and I’m one horny old cowpoke... this is an opportunity I’m not gonna pass up.” Whereupon he goes over and fucks the calf in the ass. He comes back greatly relieved, and says, “Well, that wasn’t bad. In fact, I recommend it. If you wanna go over and give it a try, there’s nobody around and I won’t tell anybody.” Whereupon the other cowboy goes over and sticks his head in the wire.




During the Cold War, Communists were known as Reds.

The Russian Ambassador, Rudolf Zhevtuschenko and his wife Ruslana were dining with the American Ambassador, Charles Berghoff and his wife, Deborah.

Precipitation began.

The American wife exclaimed, "Look, Honey. It's snowing."

The Russian Ambassador countered, "Nyet. Rain."

Deborah was sure, and replied, "Charles, that's snow."

Ambassador Berghoff still would not take his wife's side. He explained, "Rudolf the Red knows rain, deer."




This little story has been in the Ramblings before............but I like it.


A guy is driving around Tennessee and sees a sign in front of a house: "Talking Dog for Sale."


He rings the bell and the owner tells him the dog is in the backyard.  The guy goes around back and sees a black Labrador retriever sitting there.


"You talk?" he asks.


"Yep," the Labrador replies.


Guy can't believe his ears, but plays along. "So, what's your story?", he asks.


The Labrador looks up and says, "Well, I discovered I could talk when I was pretty young.  I wanted to help the government, so I told the CIA about my gift, and in no time they had me jetting from country to country, sitting in rooms with spies and world leaders, because no one figured a dog would be eavesdropping.  I was one of their most valuable spies for eight years running.  But after a while the jetting around really tired me out, and I knew I wasn't getting any younger, so I decided to settle down.  I signed up for a job at the airport to do security work, wandering near suspicious characters and listening in.  I uncovered some illegal dealings and was awarded a batch of medals.  Eventually I got married, had a mess of pups, and now I'm retired."


The guy is amazed.  He asks the owner what he wants for the dog.


"Ten dollars" the guy says.


"Ten dollars? For a dog that can actually talk?  Why so cheap?"


"'Cause he's a liar.  He never did any of that shit."






Finally, this really is worth watching ................


Simply open your web server and paste the above blue reference in the very top http slot.  Press enter.


I promise you, you will laugh.


Keep smiling and keep singing



Joe Stead