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On stage in Cape May, NJ

Left to Right:
Pete Seeger, Bob Killian, Joe Stead, Rande Harris, Paul Downes, Neil Kimber.

21st April 1995

Joe with Tiko.

Tiko is a 49 year old red-fronted Amazon, who was raised in captivity. Unlike most parrots, he is free-flying and has his own room. When he wants to get up in the morning he opens the door to his cage, and when he wants a nap he goes back in his cage and pulls the door shut.

We met each other whilst touring in North America during November 2003.

I'm very privileged. Tiko does not normally like male homo sapiens.

Kimber's Men with Jenkin's Ear at the Jersey Festival of the Sea June 2003.

Joe Stead with the choir of Siddal Primary School Halifax in concert for the parents.

July 2004.

Kimber’s Men in Concert at Square Chapel Halifax
Saturday November 20th – 2004

Left to Right
Joe Stead (Ship’s Doctor)
Roger ‘Tonky’ Hepworth (Ship’s Cabin Boy)
Neil Kimber (Ship’s Bosun)
John Bromley (Ship’s Cook)


George and Bert

George and Bert Costello - two shady charachters in 'Heartbeat' - filmed November 2004 and first screened on Sunday May 1st 2005.


Bernard Wrigley and Joe Stead


On board Julia

Kimber's Men on board ‘The Julia’ in Gillingham with Johnny Collins
(Left-Right – Joe Stead, David Buckley, Johnny Collins, Neil Kimber, John Bromley)
Rochester Sweeps Festival
Sunday 30th April 2006


scarborough Pub 

Scarborough Sea Fest Saturday 22nd July 2006


Puzzle Hall Inn

Kimber's Men at The Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge Sunday 30th July 2006


joe with stilt walker

Side tracked by a stilt walker on Jersey July 2007

Shanty Jack

Sharing a microphone with Shanty Jack - Jersey July 2007

on stage Jersey

Kimber's Men on stage - Jersey 2007

on board Rebbeca 

On board Rebecca - Denmark July 2008

Father Christmas 

Father Christmas in Hollyoaks on Christmas Eve 2009.



Below are pictures of KM on board

"Stavros S Niarchos"

June 23rd - June 29th


Neil and Joe in rigging prior to sailing.


neil on the yard 


Neil on the yard


Stavros brixham

Kimber's Men relaxing in Brixham Harbour




Kimber's Men relaxing on the ship prior to disembarking.