In 1972 Idi Amin decided to throw as many foreigners as possible out of Uganda. The Asian population were especially despised. A lot of them had built up successful businesses which Amin decided would be better run by African tribesmen. The Asians were unceremoniously evicted, many at an hour's notice, leaving homes and belongings in Uganda with only their shirts on their backs. They came to Great Britain in mid winter where, to my horror, they were given a very unsympathetic greeting. This song was my protest to the treatment we gave them. Unfortunately, at the time, nobody seemed to listen.


It's a cold cold night at Heathrow,

The temperatures just one degree below,

By the plane load they have come, from a country in the sun,

Saying hello England, hello our new home.



And what do we say to these friends from overseas?

How do we greet these Asian refugees?

Do we stare with vacant eyes, or in plain disdained surprise

When we hear then whisper can we come in please?


It's a cold cold night at Heathrow,

They filter through the customs one by one

They've nothing to declare, except the clothes they wear,

And the odd apology that they have come.


It's a cold cold night at Heathrow,

The coach has gone they've left for who knows where

And do we have the right, as they travel in the night,

To stand aside and say we just don't care?


© Joe Stead - Fore Lane Music August 1993

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